About OnPoint Lab

Using state of the art technology in a newly constructed lab and a team of experts with over 100 years of combined experience, we want to be your solution for all your lab needs. We are the experts when it comes to high complexity lab tests such as urine toxicology, medication compliance confirmation testing, respiratory pathogen testing, and DNA testing.

OnPoint was started by a group of professionals that include physicians, scientists, and healthcare management professionals. Our partnership also includes a pathologist who is a well known professor at a prominent medical school in New York. We have physicians who are leaders in their communities and are a great resource for our lab.

OnPoint provides precise results on time, every time. We are focused on providing a customer experience that is unmatched in the industry. We are large and advanced enough to handle all your testing needs, but not large to the point where we cannot provide personalized services to our clients. We understand that each clinic and medical facility is unique and our experts will work with you to create a process that meets your specific needs. OnPoint is here to serve you and your patients, not the other way around.

Years of Combined Experience

Panel Urine Toxicology Screening

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the highest quality testing and services to patients, individual physicians, small and large clinics, multi-specialty groups, hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities.